Toro. Monumental town

Toro looks onto the plain between the Tierra del Vino, Tierra del Pan, and La Guareña. Situated on a natural vantage point, it was always a strategic location and defended the line of the Duero between Christians and Moslems. High walls of lime and pebbles surround the town with its splendid old quarter, and further walls cover the first ones to make room for new people who also needed protection. It was a royal town with sometimes prolonged visits from the Court and witnessed the war between Isabel of Castilla and Juana La Beltraneja. It was the capital of its province until 1833 and its period of magnificence is still reflected in its streets, some forty churches, San Salvador,… monasteries, the Collegiate Church of Santa María la Mayor, palaces, hospitals, and noble houses such as the Palacio de los Condes de Fuentesaúco.


Coordinates: 41.521827,-5.393911